Rio 2016: Feigen makes charity payment in attempt to solve 'robbery' saga

American Olympic swimmer Jimmy Feigen has agreed to pay around $10,800 USD to a Brazilian charity for his part in a dispute over an alleged armed robbery in Rio.

Relay Olympic gold medallists Feigen, Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger claimed to have been held at gunpoint after attending a party they were invited to by Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira.

However, Rio's civil police chief Fernando Veloso stated that no robbery was committed and the quarter "were not victims of the crimes they claimed".

He added that at least one of the swimmers had vandalised a toilet in a petrol station and offered to pay for the damage.

The United States Olympic Committee apologised to the Brazilian people and condemned the actions of the athletes.

Bentz and Conger were initially prevented from leaving Brazil and questioned by police on Wednesday, with Lochte already back in the United States, but Feigen was detained.

The 26-year-old's lawyer, Breno Melaragno, on Friday revealed that Feigen is now set to be allowed to return home after making a payment to resolve the matter.

"After a long deliberation, this agreement was reached...he will donate 35,000 real [approximately $10,800USD] to an institute, and with that the case is resolved," said Melaragno

"After this donation is done, his passport will be given back to him, and he will be free to return home."

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