Second Team GB athlete suffers theft in Rio


A second Team GB athlete has become a victim of crime in Rio during the Olympic Games as incidents continue to mount.

The British Olympic Association (BOA) said an unnamed British competitor was involved in an "incident of theft" in the Brazilian city amid reports they had been robbed in the street.

According to reports in The Guardian, the athlete was robbed at gunpoint.

It comes amid controversy over the alleged gunpoint robbery of US swimming star Ryan Lochte and three team-mates at the hands of men posing as police officers.

A Brazilian police official claims the swimmer fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro.

Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were taken off a plane at Rio airport on Wednesday as local police investigate Sunday's alleged robbery involving them, Lochte and James Feigen, who stayed in Rio.

The quartet claimed their taxi returning to the athletes' village after a night out was stopped by men posing as armed police who robbed them.

CCTV footage, though, has emerged in the Brazilian media of Feigen and Lochte returning to the village much later than they claimed and Lochte's wallet, which was supposed to have been stolen, passing through the security check.

Team GB long jump star Greg Rutherford was also been targeted, with a phone containing pictures of his young son stolen at the weekend.

Rio 2016 spokesman Mario Andrada has refused to comment on robbery claims while investigations continue Vincent Thian/AP/PA)
Rio 2016 spokesman Mario Andrada has refused to comment on robbery claims while investigations continue (Vincent Thian/AP/PA)

A BOA spokesman said: "We can confirm there has been an incident of theft involving a Team GB athlete returning to their accommodation.

"All members of our delegation, including the individual concerned, are accounted for and are safe and well."

International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams was asked in the daily media briefing in Rio whether it was safe for competitors to leave the athletes' village.

He said: "That really is a matter for the national Olympic committees. It wouldn't be for me to make a blanket ban. Stopping people leaving the village would be crazy."

Rio 2016 spokesman Mario Andrada said: "This discussion needs to wait for the investigations, especially in the case of the American athletes (the US swimmers). We need to conclude investigations before making an overall assessment."