Rio 2016: Heavyweight Tishchenko defiant after controversial win

Newly crowned Olympic heavyweight boxing champion Evgeny Tishchenko shrugged off the controversy surrounding his points-decision win over Kazakhstan's Vassiliy Levit after the Russian was booed by the crowd.

Many were surprised when the judges called Monday's bout in favour of Tishchenko and jeers rang out around the Riocentro venue.

The 24-year-old was also given a hostile reception during his medal ceremony, but he was in defiant mood when reflecting on his triumph.

"I'm very proud that I won and I'm very happy about my gold medal and I think if the judges gave it to me then I do deserve it," Tishchenko told Omnisport. 

"It [the booing] wasn't very pleasant at the moment, especially during the victory ceremony. However, now I start to really realise all the support behind the country [Russia] for me, and I'm very happy.

"Brazil and the audience are trying to support their local athletes and in our case boxers. Personally, I'm in the Olympic spirit myself, so it doesn't really concern me."

Despite his pride, even Tishchenko was somewhat taken aback at the fight being awarded to him.

"No, I didn't realise at the end that I'd won," he added. "Neither did my opponent. We were waiting for the verdict of the judges."

Tishchenko's treatment in Rio is not unique, with several Russians coming in for a rough ride after allegations of state-sponsored doping leading to many competitors being banned.

"Perhaps not all the audience were extremely friendly when greeting the Russian athletes," conceded Tishchenko.

"However, on the whole, we do feel that the support was positive and most of the other athletes were in favour of Russian athletes competing in the Games."

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