March 23: The birthday of Olympic champions


If you have hopes of your child going on to become an Olympic champion, their chances appear significantly improved if they are born on March 23.

That is the day that four of Great Britain's best ever Olympians arrived in the world - Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Mo Farah.

Between the four of them they have won 20 gold medals across eight Olympic Games, starting with Redgrave in Los Angeles in 1984 and going right through to Kenny's gold in the men's Keirin in Rio on Tuesday night.

Redgrave won five golds in total in five separate Olympics - a total topped by Hoy and Kenny with six apiece - while Farah has three golds and could add a fourth with victory in the 5,000 metres in Brazil.

March 23 has also spawned Sir Roger Bannister, who in 1954 became the first ever man to clock a sub-four-minute mile.

Sir Steve Redgrave is among those born on March 23
Sir Steve Redgrave is among those born on March 23 (Barry Coombs/PA)

So, if your child is born on that day and is into sport, consider this story a boost to their hopes of Olympic stardom.

And if you have not started a family yet, but dream of your future child topping the podium, June 29 could be the magic day. That is the estimated conception date for a March 23 birthday.