Shaunae Miller's dive over the finish line is one of the most relatable things to happen this Olympics


Allyson Felix Loses The Gold In The Women's 400m To Shaunae Miller

When you imagine soaring across the finish line, you probably envision a scene from "Chariots of Fire" - pure elegance. Whilst Shaunae Miller from the Bahamas still managed to bag the gold in last night's 400m final, grace isn't exactly what comes to mind.

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Instead, Miller took a huge penalty-seeking footballer-style dive across the finish line, beating the American world champion Allyson Felix by just 0.07 seconds.

Shaunae Miller
(Matt Dunham/AP)

Sure, Felix's silver medal still made her the most decorated woman in track and field with seven Olympic medals, but it was Miller who really broke the Internet.

For some, Miller's dive was all too relatable in their day-to-day lives.

Some people were pretty sure they'd seen the move elsewhere.

Some people started to blur the line between sports.

Shaunae Miller
(Natacha Pisarenko/AP)