Controversy and drama as Cavendish wins silver


Mark Cavendish has won a silver medal in the men's omnium event - but it wasn't without controversy.

Going into the final sprint, he was in second place in the event.

Cavendish hadn't won an individual Olympic medal before the omnium, despite some incredible career achievements.

Twitter users were desperately cheering him on to a medal as the race started.

But then Cavendish seemed to cause a crash in which Italy's Elia Viviani, who was in pole position, was knocked to the floor.

The BBC commentator said the crash was Cavendish's fault, but it wasn't intentional.

Many people weren't so kind to Cavendish though.

South Korea's Sanghoon Park was seen on a stretcher as a result of the crash.

It was a stressful event, but in the end, Cavendish got the silver.

Viviani got the gold, which was remarkable considering his crash.

Congratulations everyone - and get well soon to anyone who was hurt.