Charlotte Dujardin's partner wore an adorable sign on his chest asking whether they'll finally get married now


Anyone who spotted a guy in a red shirt wearing an adorable handwritten sign reading: "Can we get married now?" during Charlotte Dujardin's dressage competition could be forgiven for thinking there was another Rio proposal on our hands.

charlotte performs while her boyfriend in the crowd wears a handmade sign on his chest (David Davies/PA)
(David Davies/PA)

But no, that's Dean Golding who's already Dujardin's fiance - he just wants them to finally get married after having put it off for years.

And Dujardin has promised to not leave him disappointed this time.

"Dean had already proposed," she said. "I have already got a ring on my finger, the wally. He just wants the whole world to know now, so he secures me and no-one takes me away.

"I've been engaged for a long time. He wants to get married now. I did promise him after London (2012) that we would get married, and it never happened. There was competition after competition after London, but I will make sure it happens this time."

Charlotte Dujardin with her fiance (David Davies/PA)
(David Davies/PA)

'The wally' - how romantic.