Here's how Andy Murray's lengthy Olympic win went down against Juan Martin Del Potro, as told by their expressive faces


Andy Murray has retained his Olympic crown and taken another gold medal after (finally) beating Argentina's Juan Martin Del Potro.

andy murray holds his gold medal (Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

The match seemed to go on for an eternity - the final scores being 7-5 4-6 6-2 7-5.

Here's Murray despairing at how long it's taking.

Andy Murray grimmaces (Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

And here's rival del Potro panting like an actual dog because of how long it's taking.

Juan Martín del Potro pants during the match (Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

The pair both had their disadvantages in this match - for del Potro, it was his wrist problem which he has been recovering from for the past two years. For Murray, it was (the arguably less serious matter of) playing six matches in four days.

So here's del Potro looking in a bit of pain.

del Potro bends over after losing a point (Charles Krupa/AP)
(Charles Krupa/AP)

And here's Murray not looking so fresh either.

Andy Murray during the match (Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

Both Murray and del Potro had their moments of glory - meaning the match remained agonisingly tight for more than two hours.

Here's a yay from Murray.

andy murray reacts (Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

And a yay from del Potro.

del Potro reacts to winning a point (Vadim Ghirda/AP)
(Vadim Ghirda/AP)

But the win was finally Murray's for the taking when del Potro faulted twice and started to look as though there really wasn't much left in him to pull it back.

Here's Murray thinking 'just a bit more.'

andy murray hits the ball (Charles Krupa/AP)
(Charles Krupa/AP)

And here's del Potro thinking 'please no more.'

del potro looking knackered (Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

The pair were very weary and emotional by the end - and true to their expressive form throughout, they didn't hold it back.

andy murray looks emotional when he wins (Charles Krupa/AP)
(Charles Krupa/AP)

Del Potro cries at the end (Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

Good game, fellas. Good game.

the two men hug after the match (Owen Humphreys/PA)
(Owen Humphreys/PA)