Britain will definitely get a medal in the men's rugby sevens - and rivals Fiji will get their first medal, ever


No-one is going home empty-handed in the men's rugby sevens final between Great Britain and Fiji - which is great for a few reasons.

It's obviously great for us because, after beating South Africa 7-5 in the semi-final, we will definitely take home either a gold or a silver medal in the first ever rugby sevens competition at the Olympics.

And it's great for Fiji because they will also be taking home a gold or a silver medal - which will be the first medal the country has won at the Olympics, ever.

Fiji's players (Themba Hadebe/AP)
(Themba Hadebe/AP)

Supporters of Fiji are naturally getting very excited - and some are preparing to gather in the early morning to watch the match together in a stadium in capital city Suva.

Even some Brits deep down are feeling a bit conflicted.

Though not everyone...

It's guaranteed to be a good'un.