You have to see these amazing installations popping up over Rio


Giant art installations erected in Rio for Olympics

The Olympics isn't just about sport, as French photographer and artist JR has shown with his latest series of installations in Rio.

Two weeks ago he started sharing behind-the-scenes snaps, saying he was "building my craziest piece in Rio ... work in progress".

He then started revealing the full installations, which are mammoth artworks of sportspeople doing what they do best - such as this diver placed in the Barra neighbourhood.

Paper cutouts of the athletes are placed over metal scaffolding, which are made to look at one with their surrounding area.

This piece is of Mohamed Younes Idriss, a Sudanese high jumper who has not made it to the Games because of injury. JR wanted to honour athletes who had worked hard, but missed out on competing.

JR says on Instagram that Idriss "still came to Rio and jumps over a building on Flamengo".

"Even though Brazil is going through political and economic turmoil and the necessity of the Games at this moment can spark controversy, the Olympics spirit will joyfully be welcomed by the people tonight."

We're poised to see more of his installations popping up over the city.

This kind of scale is what we've come to expect from the French artist, whose Inside Out project covers walls and buildings in 129 countries.

Artist JR's
The Inside Out installation at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris (Francois/AP)

The installations for the Olympics are not JR's first foray into Rio - in 2008 his "Women are Heroes" project placed the faces of local women across the city's favelas.