Someone really should have told USA's Ryan Lochte that chlorine does bad things to bleached hair


We've all heard about the Olympic diving pool turning green - but what about Ryan Lochte's recently bleached hair?!

The American swimmer was snapped with his gold medal after winning the men's 4×200-metre freestyle relay with his team mates Michael Phelps, Francis Haas and Conor Dwyer - but something was amiss.

This is him looking all excited about his new 'do' before heading to Rio.

And this is him now, post-chlorine swim, modelling an unmistakably green hue on his head.

People can't believe no-one warned him bleach and chlorine do NOT mix well together.

It's kinda growing on some people, though.

Others, not so much.

Get some silver shampoo or ketchup (yes, really) on it, dude.