Whoops! This Chinese swimmer celebrates his gold medal but doesn't nail it


It's the biggest moment of your career: you've won gold at the 2016 Olympics in the 200m freestyle, and you get to celebrate in front of a huge crowd with millions more watching around the world.

This is a moment that you really don't want to mess up; however, things didn't go exactly to plan for Chinese swimmer Sun Yang.

In the cringeworthy footage, Yang tries to throw his swimming cap into the crowd to celebrate. Unfortunately his aim isn't spot on, and the airborne hat takes a complete 180, landing in the pool behind him.

Worst of all, Yang then has to skulk back to the pool, fish out the rogue hat, and try again.

Unfortunately for Yang, there's no real way you can style that out with so many cameras set on you.

Twitter was quick to pick up on the Chinese swimmer's #fail in a suitably quick-witted fashion.

Luckily Yang's competing in the Olympics for swimming, and not shot put or javelin.