World Archery blasts IPC's Russia Paralympics ban


Russia's blanket ban from the 2016 Paralympics has been heavily criticised by World Archery.

The decision to bar all Russian competitors from the Rio Games was confirmed on Sunday by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which has come under fire from the governing body for para archery.

The IPC's ruling, which comes following an independent report sanctioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that alleged Russia ran a state-sponsored doping programme, is in stark contrast to the stance adopted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

It decided against a total ban, leaving it to the individual sports federations to make the call, with the IPC's more drastic approach frowned upon by World Archery, which said no Russian archers had been implicated by the McLaren report.

"World Archery strongly disagrees with the ban, which goes against the principles of inclusion and fair play, and considers the decision to have been taken based on a report that is unfinished and should remain ongoing until its mandate is completed, as stated by the IOC and WADA," read a statement.

"World Archery has discussed the ban with other affected Olympic federations. The consensus is that the IPC's decision was taken without any proper consultation with the relevant federations responsible for the sports at the Paralympic Games, and against the best interests of these federations.

"World Archery is disappointed that the IPC did not clarify which were the three summer Paralympic sports that were implicated in the McLaren Report, as it puts the image of World Archery and other summer sports into question.

"World Archery received written confirmation from the IPC on 26 July that no archery athletes were implicated in the McLaren Report, making the blanket ban excluding of clean athletes, inappropriate and unfair."

Russia has appealed the ban.