Rio 2016: Communications director reveals findings of bullet investigation

Rio 2016 executive communications director Mario Andrada has revealed the findings of an investigation into a bullet being found at the equestrian venue. 

The bullet reportedly landed at the feet of photographers at the media tent of the Olympic equestrian centre in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday. 

An investigation into the incident revealed the bullet came from a fair distance away, and was travelling at a slow speed. 

"According to the security forces the bullet came from a community far from here," Andrada said on Sunday.

"They were aiming at the police blimp which carried cameras.

"The same source, which is the minister of defence, says the first findings showed that the bullet arrived with low energy and low speed.

"Security forces confirm information only when they are absolutely sure. They are looking at footage from cameras on the blimp.

"Our first goal is to protect you and our second goal is to keep you informed."

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