Rio 2016: Tonga's oiled-up flag bearer sends the internet into an apocalyptic frenzy


An athlete from Tonga sent the internet into total chaos after he walked into Maracana Stadium shirtless and completely covered in oil.

Flag bearer Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, 32, had the social media under his spell as he led his country's delegation during the Olympics opening ceremony in Rio.

The taekwondo athlete marched into the stadium waving his country's flag, wearing nothing but a Tongan mat.

People watching the ceremony were utterly besotted by the oiled-up hunk...

Taufatofua was born in Australia but wanted to compete in the Olympics for his father's country. He qualified in April this year after two previous Olympics.

Just a heads up, we'll probably be watching a LOT of taekwondo this year.