7 undeniably funny moments from the Olympics opening ceremony


If there's one thing an Olympics opening ceremony is good for, it's keeping us entertained with moments that, quite frankly, you could just never predict.

For example, it's impossible to forget the most hilarious moment of London 2012´s opening ceremony (and potentially the best moment of the whole games, just sayin') - yes, that bit with the Queen.

And, sure, while it didn't quite live up to the craziness of London four years ago, Rio's opening ceremony definitely didn't disappoint.

1. All anyone could talk about was the flag bearer of the night.

Tonga flag bearer
(Patrick Semansky/AP)

Literally, people went crazy for, well, erm, how do we put this? Basically for how oiled up athlete Pita Nikolas Aufatofua was.

2. Though let's take a moment to appreciate this flag bearer too.

3. Obviously there were people on Twitter making fun of some nations' choice of attire.

team Canada
(Patrick Semansky/AP)

Portugal went for a v.casual look which everyone found kinda hilarious.

4. This bit of the ceremony kinda reminded people of Spider-Man and now it's all we can think of when we look at it too.

5. No one could deal with the bikes that introduced the athletes.

Yep, the bikes were probably the MVP of the Opening Ceremony.

6. Remember the bit with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen walking down the runway? Course you do, cos it felt like it went on forever.

Gisele Bundchen

7. And finally, just how hard it seems like Andy Murray was concentrating on not dropping the Team GB flag is worth seeing.

Great Britain flag bearer Andy Murray
(Martin Rickett/PA)

Tbh, we could watch the whole ceremony over again...