Fulham's 1-0 victory has left Newcastle fans feeling a little sheepish


The first game of the Championship 2016/17 season is over and Fulham beat title favourites Newcastle United 1-0 at Craven Cottage.

Tipped to breeze back up to the Premier League this season, Newcastle fans were riding high before the game, confident of an easy win of both the game and the Championship.

The league opener started off slowly, but after a bit of a lull...

...the game picked up at the end of the first half. Matt Smith used all of his 6ft 6in frame to score with a terrific header in the 44th minute, taking Fulham ahead.

The game remained cagey from this point, with Newcastle failing to capitalise on a few good chances.

Inevitably, Twitter began to question the prediction that Newcastle would win the league.

The result was a bit of a shame really, as 7,000 of their fans turned up to watch them.

Never mind. Maybe next time, Newcastle?