Remember these Olympic celebrations? They were really quite great


That heroic moment when someone wins an Olympic gold medal is something we can all get properly on board with celebrating, even if you're about as far from being a "sporty person" as humanly possible.

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That's the thing with the Olympics - you find yourself getting ever so slightly obsessed with sports you never thought you'd care about. And you'll probably end up waving a flag at some point.

There have been some tear-jerking, triumphant and damn right crazy celebrations at past Olympics. Here's a selection of the best, so you can have a bit of a reminisce.

Pinsent and Redgrave, 2000

 Tim Foster, Matthew Pinsent, Steve Redgrave, and James Cracknell celebrate after winning the Gold Medal
(Toby Melville/PA)

Great Britain's Matthew Pinsent congratulates Steve Redgrave on another Gold Medal success
(Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport)

Now that's what you call great team mates. After winning the coxless four, there can't have been one person who wasn't moved by these hugs.

Sir Steve Redgrave, 1996

Everyone remembers him famously saying after this win that if anyone sees him in a boat again 'they have permission to shoot me'. Funny thing is, the next Olympics he won his 5th gold...

Robert Harting, 2012

Robert Harting
(Daniel Ochoa De Olza/AP)

As the next race - which happened to be the women's 100m final - had already been set up, German discus thrower Harting just thought, why not have a go himself, and it's possibly one of the most hilarious ways to celebrate a gold medal.

To be fair to him, he looks like he handled those hurdles pretty well...

Garry Herbert, 1992

(Ross Kinnaird/EMPICS Sport)

(Ross Kinnaird/EMPICS Sport)

Not only do we love this celebration because Gary - the cox for the Searle brothers - burst into tears on the podium, it was also just really quite a sight to behold, because, well, he was rather a lot smaller than the rowers.

Awww. Look at them.

Serena Williams, 2012

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She just looks so happy bopping away on court.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, 1968

United States gold medalist Tommie Smith, center, and bronze medalist John Carlos, right, stare downward while extending their gloved hands skyward in racial protest

The American athletes raised their gloved hands in the Black Power salute during the 200-meter medal ceremony; they also accepted their medals shoeless to show support for impoverished African-Americans.

Usain Bolt, 2012

Usain Bolt
(Martin Rickett/PA)

This one really needs no explanation.

Kelly Holmes, 2004

Dame Kelly Holmes
(Phil Noble/PA)

kelly holmes
(Phil Noble/PA)

Her wide-eyed disbelief was really quite memorable. Anyone who remembers watching that race will remember how surprised we all were.

Chad Le Clos, 2012

OK, this wasn't technically Chad's great celebration - it was his Dad's, in an interview after he watched his son win in the pool. And boy was it emotional. *sniffs*

Seb Coe, 1980

Britain's Sebastian Coe, center, as hecrosses the finish line to win the Summer Olympic men's 1,500-meter race

That face. Incredible.

Mo Farah, 2012

(David J. Phillip/AP)

Well, the Mobot literally took over the summer of 2012, didn't it?

Daley Thompson, 1984

Great Britain's Daley Thompson celebrates a good throw in the discus
(S&G/S&G and Barratts/EMPICS Sport)

He finished off his winning decathlon with a backflip on the pole-vault mat, no biggie. Oh, and then he whistled the national anthem when stood on the podium.

Tom Daley, 2012

Great Britain's Tom Daley (front right) as he celebrates his Bronze medal in the Men's 10m Platform Final
(Andrew Milligan/PA)

After he won bronze in London, he just went and jumped in the pool. Fair enough, seeing as he's a diver and all...and then his team mates jumped in too and tbh, it just looked like one great big pool party.

We wish we'd been part of it, we can't lie.

Eddie the Eel, 2000

He was a bit of a hopeless case wasn't he, old Eddie? But at the Sydney Olympics he celebrated finally finishing his swim with a standing ovation from the crowd.

And if you're not feeling excited to watch the Olympics now, well, you never will be...get those cheers ready.