Mark Clattenburg got a Champions League tattoo and the internet can't stop laughing


Mark Clattenburg - he doesn't help himself, does he?

He's a referee who's often accused of loving the limelight just a bit too much, so you might think he'd want to maintain a low profile and not do anything to draw attention to himself.

That would appear not to be the case though, as the official has decided to commemorate his admittedly stellar summer with a series of tattoos, marking his appearances at the Champions League and Euro 2016 finals.

Mick Mahon Tattoo - Timeline | Facebook

Mick Mahon Tattoo - Timeline | Facebook

And people on the internet have reacted by praising the artistry of the ink, while recognising Clattenburg's right to whatever he wants with his body.

Only kidding, they absolutely ripped him to pieces.

Did you spot this little detail?

Such a company man.

Some football fans were being unshakeably reasonable, though.

Come on guys, this is kind of moderate thought is not what the internet is for.

The internet is for stuff like this.