Freeman recalls golden Olympic memories


Cathy Freeman's gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney provided one of the most iconic moments of the Games and the Australian still revels in the memory of her success.

At the age of 27, Freeman took 400 metre glory on home soil in front of an expectant nation, having lit the Olympic flame at the symbolic start of the Games.

Freeman will be an interested onlooker for Rio 2016 and knows very well the emotions that fellow gold medal winners will feel.

She told Omnisport: "The first image that comes to mind is seeing my family going crazy and so happy after I won. I saw them during the victory lap and my baby brother was crying, my mum was there and that was amazing for me.

"The Olympics are special because you have to demonstrate a strong sense of self-determination because the journey is not an easy one.

"It requires dedication and trust in yourself. It requires trust in your team as well and requires a sanctity in the space you share with each other because it's not something you can just go to and just do.

"It is something you have to put your heart and soul into and it becomes your life. It becomes the moon and the stars and everything revolves around trying to achieve your Olympic dream.

"It's an amazing journey and that isn't even taking into account the impact it has on your loved ones and the wider community you are a part of and unknowingly representing and that's just in your own country.

"Then there is the rest of the world who feels part of the experience as well, so it is powerful in a number of ways, personally and publicly."