Dodgers demote Puig


The Los Angeles Dodgers have sent fallen franchise centrepiece Yasiel Puig to the minors.

It followed through on what was expected in the wake of their pre-deadline remarks and their deadline-day acquisition of Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick.

Unable to deal the mercurial Puig, the Dodgers instead just sent him away.

And though the move was not a surprise - the team said it would either trade him or demote him, Puig's agent said - the timing is at least curious, given his recent resurgence.

Since returning to the Dodgers on June 21, he has hit .308 and in the same period, Reddick has hit .258.

Even if Reddick is a better fit defensively to play the outfield, Puig's recent streak would indicate he could help the offense as the Dodgers chase the San Francisco Giants and try to hold off the Colorado Rockies in the National League (NL) West.