Coach K not concerned about Zika, lauds Anthony


Team USA basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski says he has no reservations over travelling to Brazil as his team seek a third successive Olympic gold at Rio 2016.

A host of athletes from various sports have chosen against participating in Rio, many citing fears over the Zika virus.

However, after the United States' victory over Venezuela in Chicago on Friday, Krzyzewski said: "We're more than fine. It's an unbelievable honour to represent your country, and we're excited about going to a great country.

"I've always felt Brazil is a fantastic country. Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in South America.

"I'm bringing seven of my grandchildren there. Two of my three daughters; so I feel very, very good about it."

Krzyzewski will be unable to call on the likes of Stephen Curry, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook in Rio.

A young and inexperienced squad will therefore look to Carmelo Anthony for leadership and Krzyzewski is confident the New York Knicks man is up to the job.

"He [Anthony] spent his entire pro career playing for the United States, I'm not sure anyone else has done that, ever," said the coach.

"This is his fourth Olympics, and you learn a lot. He's been on two teams that won gold medals, and he's helping these young guys out.

"He's amazingly vocal and good with these guys, and they respond."