Red Bull's Horner backs Halo delay


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has backed the decision to put off cockpit protection in Formula One until 2018.

F1's Strategy Group voted on Thursday to delay the implementation of additional safety - expected to be the 'Halo' system developed and trialled by Ferrari.

Grand Prix Drivers' Association chairman Alexander Wurz suggested that the decision was influenced by "business first and safety second".

But Horner says the lack of testing that the Halo system has undergone means it would not necessarily have improved safety.

"We've agreed for a system to come in [for] 2018, but the system needs to be fully researched, fully developed, fully tested," he said.

"And at the moment, other than a couple of install laps from a couple of drivers, there's been no mileage put on this.

"We're testing tyres for miles and miles before they're introduced next year. The same has to go with a safety component in order to ensure that we haven't introduced a risk that wasn't previously there as well. I think the right thing's being done.

"The analysis, the research the development of the system is going to be really ramped up over the next 12 months to ensure that when it is introduced, it's introduced properly, and not just for F1, across the different categories."

He added: "A couple of drivers who have driven with the system haven't been entirely happy with it either, and they've only done an installation lap.

"So it's not been tested, it's not been fully proven at variants of different circuits.

"Of course, the objective is to improve the safety for the drivers, but to do it in way that doesn't introduce any unforeseen aspects that could interfere with that.

"So I think the logical and sensible thing is being done - further testing, further development to get it on all the drivers' cars."