McLaren moves to clarify report


Professor Richard McLaren has moved to clarify his report on Russian athletes, insisting he cannot name or release information regarding individuals.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recommended a ban of Russian competitors from the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, after an independent investigation by McLaren found a state-dictated system in the country had protected doped athletes.

While his information can help international federations, McLaren said that was as much as he could do at this point in time.

In a statement on Friday, he said: "For the avoidance of any doubt and to be very clear, the focus of my investigation to date has been to review evidence of a State dictated program which used the Moscow and Sochi laboratories to cover up doping.

"It has not been to establish Anti-Doping Rule Violation cases against individual athletes. I wish to emphasise that the IP [Independent Person] is not a Results Management Authority as defined by the World Anti-Doping Code and that I did not attempt to conduct a Results Management investigation with respect to individual Russian athletes.

"I have, however, reviewed a considerable amount of reliable evidence, which clearly implicates individual athletes in the State-dictated program described in the IP Report.

"That evidence includes documents supported by the testimony of confidential witnesses and in some cases additional forensic and analytical evidence from the examination of sample bottles and their contents.

"I should also point out that as a result of the mandate extension, my ongoing investigation includes developing additional evidence concerning individual athletes. This evidence may be used in the future when the extended mandate is completed, to support an Anti-Doping Rule Violation case initiated by an IF against a particular athlete in accordance with its Results Management Authority.

"At this stage, I will not release any of the specific information I currently have concerning any athletes. To do so would compromise the ongoing investigation. I have, however, provided information to WADA naming athletes whose urine samples were part of the state run cover up using Disappearing Positive Methodology or otherwise.  WADA in turn has shared this information with IFs.

"I trust that this statement clarifies my position and wish to express my appreciation to WADA and the international community for its confidence and its respect for the integrity of my investigation."