Aston Villa fans are a bit too happy that goalkeeper Brad Guzan has left the club


It seems that Aston Villa fans still haven't got over last season's horror campaign if their reaction to the news that goalkeeper Brad Guzan has left the club is anything to go by.

Villa barely fired a shot as they meekly went down last season with Guzan the unlucky fella who had to stand in goal and watch other Premier League teams score for fun.

The American copped his fair share of criticism along the way - he was hardly alone there - but after eight years of service to the club he might have expected the reaction to his departure to newly-promoted Middlesbrough to be greeted with a little less venom.

Guzan has a Twitter account but he hasn't posted since the start of July and, judging by these replies, he'd do well to give it a rest for a little while longer yet.

It wasn't all abuse, however, and some fans did take the time out to thank a player who made 170 appearances for the club. He was pretty solid before the collective calamity of last season.

We think it was probably the right time to leave.