Pep Guardiola bans pizza at Manchester City - did he not watch Leicester last season?


New Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has banned his players from eating pizza in a move that clearly goes against the blueprint Leicester established for their unlikely title charge last season.

Foxes boss Claudio Ranieri fostered a team unity last season that was highlighted by some unconventional moves - like when he promised his players he'd take them out for pizza if they kept a clean sheet.

Pep Guardiola
(Peter Byrne/PA)

They promptly beat Crystal Palace 1-0 in the next game and the Vardy Party moved to the local Dominos (other brands are available).

That's not going to happen in the blue half of Manchester this season.

City full-back Gael Clichy revealed Guardiola has told his players that "some juice and, of course, pizza and all the heavy food is not allowed". Party pooper.

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Guardiola's hard line on fitness doesn't end there, with Clichy also revealing that some players have been ordered to train away from the main group until they get into shape.

He didn't mention any names - *cough* Yaya Toure *cough* - but when you are earning the type of cash the Premier League players are then it's hard to argue that they should be making a few sacrifices.

Certainly, Clichy has been impressed so far, telling reporters: "If your weight is too high, you're not training with the team.

Gael Clichy
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"You hear it a lot but, for my part, it's the first time any manager has really done it. And we have a few players who are not training with the team yet.

"Some people think that's normal but, in truth, it's not always like this. I know because I've been playing football for a long time. It's really refreshing and very exciting."

Pep means business this season!