Look out Gary Lineker, Robbie Savage wants to be the new 'King of Snacks'

Robbie Savage has made a pitch to become the 'King of Snacks' after apparently sending Mattessons a video outlining why he should be the face of the company's new 'Savagers' product.

The bizarre video shows Savage running through a some of his ideas to market the snack - including him appearing as a ninja with chorizo nun-chucks - and makes a not-to-subtle reference to his desire to overthrow his fellow BBC presenter Gary Lineker for the unofficial, and until now not-at-all-contested, title of 'King of Snacks'.

Lineker has of course been the long-time face of Walkers crisps but Savage seems to think he can supersede him in the snack market, saying in the video: "I'm beating a giant potato man to death - knock off his big ears and his head explodes. BOOM!"

Mattesson have said the video came to them out of the blue - we'll leave that up to you to decide - with Victoria Southern of the snack company saying: "As soon as we received the bizarre video from Robbie, we couldn't decide whether to be horrified or impressed!

"Having seen the ideas he put forward, we're currently deciding if we take Robbie up on his out-of-the-ordinary approach!"


No word from Lineker yet as to what he makes of this...

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