Cristiano Ronaldo is selling blankets and it's really weird


We've all got pretty used to seeing Cristiano Ronaldo topless, but the Real Madrid star might just have taken it a step too far.

Ronaldo has appeared bare-chested in bed to promote his own brand of blankets, which is made all the more un-nerving by the way he is grinning at the camera.


Ronaldo tells us that the blankets are "very comfortable" - we have no reason to think any different judging by the way he's snuggling up - but it's pretty hard to feel anything but uncomfortable watching it (while hoping he's actually wearing something under there).

His lines don't help the situation: "Hi guys. I hope that you like my blanket like I do. Very comfortable."

At that point we get a double thumbs-up and Ronaldo's patented wink.

The post he stuck up on Instagram is more palatable - he's got a shirt on - complete with a little backstory as to why on earth the man who topped the Forbes list for the highest-paid athlete last year would feel the need to sell blankets.

"I've joined a new team, Elite Team," he wrote. "Visit see my exclusive luxury blankets. Once I felt them, I had to get them on my team."

There you go! For the record the blankets don't come cheap, most selling for £100 on his CR7 site - although you can get a blanket with only Ronaldo's head on it for £75.