This Arsenal fan is so sure Riyad Mahrez will sign, he's gone and got a shirt with his name printed on it


There's one big transfer rumour flying round at the moment that really won't go away: Riyad Mahrez, from Leicester to Arsenal. Will he? Won't he?

Only time will tell - but for one optimistic fan, it seems the wait is simply not good enough.

Twitter user Asad Balal appears to have decided to go with his gut/heart/impulses and get a shirt printed with Mahrez's name and 'future number' on the back.

And as you might imagine, people are pretty taken aback - but also kinda impressed - by his confidence.

Although not everyone thinks it was the most clever of moves.

Asad does seem to have a backup plan in case things don't go his way after all.

And it does seem as though that mighty confidence might be wavering already if his latest tweets are anything to go by...

So if you spot this shirt and a couple of season tickets on eBay in about a month's time, you'll know the reason why.