Peyton Manning did not use HGH or PED, NFL investigation finds


After a seven-month investigation, the NFL has concluded Peyton Manning did not use human growth hormone (HGH) or any performance enhancing drug (PED).

"The NFL found no credible evidence that Peyton Manning was provided with or used HGH or other substances prohibited by the league's policy on performance-enhancing substances," the league announced on Monday.

Rumours about Manning's alleged HGH use surfaced last season after an Al Jazeera report claimed shipments of the illegal drug were sent to his house. 

The veteran quarterback immediately denied the accusations and called it a "garbage" report.

In the NFL's eyes, Manning was telling the truth. Manning cooperated fully and he has now been cleared of any wrongdoing. 

The retired quarterback can now rest easy knowing his name will not be tarnished after the fact.

"Initiated in January, the investigation was led by the NFL's security and legal teams with support from expert consultants and other professionals," the league's statement reads. 

"The investigation involved witness interviews, a review of relevant records and other materials, online research, and laboratory analysis and review."

The NFL's investigation into other players named in the report will continue, however. The other names include Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Mike Neal and James Harrison.