Raikkonen labels F1 rule consistency a 'joke'


Kimi Raikkonen believes Formula One "must change" its approach to rule enforcement after a controversial Hungarian Grand Prix. 

Ferrari's Raikkonen finished sixth in Sunday's race after failing to get past Red Bull's Max Verstappen, a battle which saw two close encounters.

Raikkonen lost part of his front wing after clipping Verstappen at turn two, before avoiding a clash with the 18-year-old at turn one several laps later.

The Finn believed Verstappen's defending was against the rules, with drivers only allowed to change direction once when facing competition for track position. 

However, Raikkonen took aim at the F1 stewards instead, saying: "There's rules but obviously this weekend it's been [questionable] - not just talking about the incidents between me and Max - but in many ways, and yesterday.

"Why do we have rules if stewards can decide 'it's okay here, it's not okay here'? Pointless to have any rules if they don't apply all the time, for all the people.

"The stewards - or the people who decide how things go here, the stewards and some other guys - in many ways, it's a joke with the rules, you know?"

Raikkonen was also alluding to Saturday's drama in qualifying, in which the stewards allowed five cars - including Verstappen and team-mate Daniel Ricciardo - to keep their positions on the grid despite falling below the 107 per cent mark in Q1.

"A good example yesterday in qualifying, you have the 107 percent rule and the people who didn't go through first qualifying, they [the stewards] apply it for those cars but not for the rest," Raikkonen said.

"How can you suddenly have the same rule in same qualifying applied two different ways? If somebody can explain how that works... but that's F1 these days, and something must change. 

"It just looks bad to people outside, to you guys, and it's not fair. There's a rule, it should apply exactly the same way every time to everybody."