F1 uber-cautious since Bianchi death - Wolff


Mercedes chief Toto Wolff feels too much caution may have been shown regarding safety issues in Formula One since the accident that led to the death of Jules Bianchi.

Frenchman Bianchi died last July at the age of 25, nine months on from suffering serious head injuries when crashing his Marussia into a recovery vehicle at a rain-hit Japanese Grand Prix.

The accident prompted renewed focus on safety in F1 and great care has been taken in wet conditions this season, with races at Monaco and Silverstone both starting under the safety car prior to rolling starts.

Wolff is quoted by the Guardian as saying: "Due to the circumstances around Jules' accident and the aftermath there is an uber caution which is being deployed at the moment.

"You can understand that but we have to come back to what motor racing is all about, which is having the best drivers with the most powerful machines in tricky conditions. They can manage that.

"I think the caution is being applied now because it was an incident that should never have happened and maybe that's why we want to play it very safe."

Referencing the beginning of the British Grand Prix, Wolff added: "We should have let them off the leash after a lap or two.

"I would let them follow the safety car for a lap or two to see the conditions and then the safety car comes in and you do a standing start, which is one of the most exciting things."

An F1 strategy group meeting on Thursday will feature discussions over the implementation of the Halo cockpit safety device, with Wolff undecided over its suitability.

"I think first of all, whatever can be done for the safety of the drivers needs to be done. Even if it looks disgusting," the Austrian stated.

"Is it the safety tool that we need in order to protect the drivers more? My personal opinion is that we need to look at all the studies that have been done and discuss them with the various standpoints and then come to a decision that can be either, that is a good thing, or it's a good thing but it is not where it should be yet, or we don't like it for safety reasons.

"I haven't made up my mind because I want to hear the other opinions as well."