Beer, anyone? Chris Froome and team Sky are really enjoying the last day of the Tour de France


The last day of the Tour de France is a little different from the other gruelling days. The 70.2 miles from Chantilly to Paris will mostly be a procession, with riders taking a leisurely pace led by the yellow jersey, and presumptive winner, Chris Froome.

Froome currently leads the race by 4 minutes and 5 seconds and he and his team were revelling in the victory as the Stage 21 began on Sunday afternoon.

Team Sky, in matching black jerseys with a yellow stripe, were getting on it before the race had even begun.

The team weren't joking; here's the proof.

Froome grabbed a couple of beers from manager Sir Dave Brailsford in the team car and passed them around to his team mates.

After the beers, the guys enjoyed a well-deserved glass of bubbles, once again, while on the road.

(Christophe Ena/AP)
(Christophe Ena/AP)

Once the riders enter Paris, it will be a sprint to the finish, doing laps around the city.

As long as Froome doesn't crash, he is almost certainly going to be the victor. So maybe think about slowing down on the alcoholic beverages, at least until the finish?