See the ridiculously extravagant way Manchester United revealed their new home kit


You could be excused for thinking Manchester United's new kit launch was actually some fancy nightclub event.

There were drums, dancing devils, dramatic music and impressive visuals like strobe lighting and even a giant Chinese dragon backdrop.

But no, this was just the club revealing their new Adidas home kit for 2016/17 in Shanghai.

After all that build up though, some people on Twitter were a bit disappointed in the outcome.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and players during the kit launch (Simon Peach/PA)
(Simon Peach/PA)

Mourinho's men have been training twice a day in the sweltering heat and humidity of Shanghai, where on Friday they lost 4-1 to a Borussia Dortmund side admittedly far more advanced in their pre-season preparations.