Neymar hails Micale ahead of Olympic tilt

Neymar has backed Rogerio Micale to lead Brazil to Olympic gold when the Rio Games start next month.

Micale, the coach of Brazil's Under-20 and Under-23 side, has surprised Neymar with the quality of his work so far and it means the Barcelona star is bullish about their chances on home soil.

He told CBF TV: "He's a great person and a great coach as well. 

"He's surprised me in all different aspects. I hope that he can keep taking us down the right path and that we can get the gold medal."

Brazil claimed silver in London four years ago and Neymar is confident they can go one better, adding: "Playing in Brazil is different. I think we have a great opportunity to make history and get the gold medal that Brazil wants. 

"I am already an Olympic silver medallist from the last Olympic games. And I hope that this time around we can get the gold."

Neymar is also hoping the versatility of Brazil's players will be to their advantage.

"We have a strong squad," he said. "We have players that play at a high level who can also serve other positions as well. We are only 18 players so there will be a moment in the tournament where you will have to improvise and use a player in another position. 

"In the end that's the decision of our manager, but knowing our qualities that we have as a team, there is a lot to evaluate. This is what we are doing in training, and every time we train we get to know ourselves better to start the competition and to be prepared.

"I hope I can help in the best way possible. Just as much on the pitch as off the pitch. And I hope that we can do that as fast as possible. and we are in search of our main objective."

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