Beckham's ego is getting too big, says Barkley


Odell Beckham Jr and Josh Norman's back-and-forth snide remarks have many watching to see what saucy drama will unfold next in the NFL.

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has also been watching and has some wise words for New York Giants star Beckham.

"I think that Beckham, I don't know him I've only said hello to him one time. There's two ways fame works: You run fame or fame runs you. And it can get out of hand very quickly," Barkley told

"I think Odell Beckham is a stud and he's getting a lot of commercials, but I think he's starting to get to the point where he's becoming too famous instead of worrying how to become a great football player.

"I think he needs to be careful. Just lay low and just kick butt on the field. I mean, nobody cares about all that extracurricular stuff."

The off-season snafu between the two NFL stars began when Beckham said he made Norman "relevant."

Norman snapped back and said Beckham only made headlines for his one epic catch two years ago.