Kvyat slams 'bull****' kerb solutions in Hungary


Daniil Kvyat slammed the "bull****" kerb solutions at the Hungarian Grand Prix, and believes Formula One is just one step away from becoming like Top Gear. 

New kerbs have been installed around the Hungaroring circuit to deter drivers from crossing the track limits, with turns four and 11 catching out several drivers.

Defending F1 champion Lewis Hamilton crashed out of Friday's second free practice session after clipping the kerb at turn 11, and Kvyat was left less than impressed by the changes. 

"The kerbs are a joke. The kerbs are absolute bull****," Kvyat told Motorsport. "Just think of any bad word and you can imagine and go there.

"All we are missing is the next step, like in Top Gear where they use the track for a time trial.

"They just have a car park, and paint the circuit with the lines, and they drive there and that is the next step. It can be only that. We go there no problems. This kerb is not doing anything to the grip.

"Now we have to trust some new sensors [which monitor track limits]. I don't understand it. We just need to put grass there.

"It is losing so much - it should be you go on the grass, you go on the gravel, that is it. But there, drivers push to the limit and the white lines are not enough."

Hamilton was also critical of the new kerbs after his heavy shunt in FP2, and claims the track - which also had the tarmac re-laid - has lost some of its character.

"I don't know why they've put them there to be honest, it was fine the way it was before," the Mercedes driver said. "I hit the wall perfectly sideways so I was able to pull away. I just overloaded the wishbones, it didn't break anything, but rather than go out and have one of them fail we didn't go back out. 

"I think I put my rear wheel just slightly over that white line and touched that kerb, they're very slippery. 

"They put a couple of kerbs in places they weren't there before on the entry of the corner or on the outside. They are not normal kerbs either. Anyway, I touched that and that's what sent me off.

He added: "It's the same track but it's lost a lot of character I think, it's a different kind of track. I prefer the old one. It's just a shame that they do these things sometimes, I don't know why. 

"There were little kerbs there before, where I went off, which was a little lift, which worked for so many years and now they've decided to change it. 

"I just assume they've just got so much money they need to spend it."