Fans are recoiling in horror at Norwich City's new throwback third kit


Norwich City have revealed their striking new third kit on Twitter which pays homage to the club's notorious early-90s look.

What the club may have forgotten, however, was that the kit quickly earned itself the unfortunate title of "the bird poo kit" due to the small splatters on the top.

Norwich players in the 1992 kit
(Ross Kinnaird/EMPICS Sport/PA)

Yet those same splatters have been spruced up and incorporated into the new design - and fans are quite frankly baffled.

Also - why is there even a third kit?

The club said the look was "inspired by history" - but fans have been thinking of lots of other, less favourable inspirations.

People have resorted to shielding their eyes just to cope with it.

But hey, at least the club have acknowledged the reaction and created this useful poll.

FYI, the straight face is winning by quite a bit.