A Twitter user called 'Big Sam' is already sick of getting abuse from England fans

Sam Allardyce's appointment as England manager has been met with a mixed reaction - and a New Orleans-based funk band can vouch for it.

Big Sam's Funky Nation are five-piece band fronted by a bloke named Big Sam and they have been getting a lot more England-based football traffic to their Twitter account than normal over the past few days.

Big Sam of Big Sam's Funky Nation
(Cheryl Gerber/AP/PA)

The band's verified Twitter handle is @FunkyBigSam - not a million miles away from Allardyce's @OfficialBigSam - and as mistaken England fans have decided to use their handle to vent their thoughts on the next boss, the band decided they needed to tweet this:

The tweet has actually been met with some good humour.

The fact that some England fans think that Allardyce would have the word 'Funky' in front of his Twitter handle is probably just as amusing, although Big Sam has shown he has some pretty decent dance moves in the past so maybe it's kind of understandable...and makes us kind of want to see Big Sam dancing to Big Sam's Funky Nation at some point.

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