Vettel blasts new F1 radio restrictions


Sebastian Vettel has blasted the FIA's decision to implement new radio restrictions as "complete bull****'" ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Formula One drivers' championship leader Nico Rosberg was demoted a place to third in the British Grand Prix last time out after being hit with a 10-second penalty for receiving illegal assistance via team radio as he experienced gearbox issues late in the race.

The FIA on Thursday announced that any message informing a driver of a car problem "must include an irreversible instruction to return to the pits to rectify the problem or to retire".

Ferrari driver Vettel pulled no punches when asked what he thought of the latest rule change brought in by the governing body.

Asked his reaction to the new regulations, the four-time world champion said: "Complete bull****. I think all the radio issues we have is a joke.

"I looked at the race after and I thought as a spectator it was quite entertaining to hear a driver a little bit panicking on the radio and the team panicking at the same time.

"I think it was the human being in our sport, that is arguably very complicated and technical, so I think it's the wrong way.

"There's a lot of boring stuff on the radio that got banned, I don't see the point. If you want to change it you should change the cars. You should be able to say what you want."