Watch Wayne Rooney speak Chinese in the most awkward press conference ever


If you ever wanted to see Wayne Rooney speak Chinese, now is your chance.

Rooney is currently on tour in China with the rest of the Manchester United team, and their latest press conference in Shanghai was really awkward.

Rooney was joined by team mates Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Ander Herrera for the conference in which they were asked peculiar questions such as their favourite meal - Rooney's is foo yung, if you were wondering.

The players had to introduce themselves in case the fans didn't know who they were, cuing the England captain to proclaim: "I am Wayne Rooney."

The best (or worst) bit though was undoubtedly the moment the three players said goodbye in Chinese.

It certainly looks like Rooney's first foray into the Chinese language, but if you assumed that you'd actually be mistaken.

He once celebrated Chinese New Year by making a five minute video about the celebration, in a kind of mini documentary where he tries to be Louis Theroux.

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To be honest, we think Rooney should stick to the football...