An MMA fighter threw a Pokeball at his opponent after knocking him out

We all know the impact Pokemon Go has had across the world since its release, but we never stopped to think about how it could be used as a prop to humiliate people - until Michael Page demonstrated it perfectly.

The MMA fighter went head-to-head with Evangelista Santos at the O2 Arena, with the Brit knocking the Brazilian out with a brutal flying knee-kick. Santos, known as Cyborg, suffered a fractured skull and will undergo surgery, but that wasn't what was spoken about in the immediate aftermath.

It was this celebration.

After knocking Cyborg out in the second round Page ran to grab his props, a Pokemon trainer hat and Pokeball, before actually rolling the ball towards Cyborg in an effort to catch him.

Page has since encouraged supporters to donate to Santos' Go Fund Me page to help cover medical costs from the compound fracture he suffered.

You can do that here.

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