5 things you may not know about Henrik Stenson


Henrik Stenson became the first male Swedish player to win a major title in the Open Championship at Royal Troon.

Here we look at five things you may not know about the popular 40-year-old.

1. He used to worry his wild shots would hit spectators

Henrik Stenson hits a tee shot
(Ben Curtis/AP/PA)

After winning his first European Tour title in 2001, Stenson went through the first of two major slumps and was prone to particularly wild shots. "I was terrified of taking someone's head off with a drive," he said. "Standing on the tee, I'd see the tunnel of people just in front of the tee box, craning their necks forward to watch, oblivious to the very real danger they were in. Coming back from that dark place mentally has probably been my best accomplishment."

2. The Open has not always been the best of him

Henrik Stenson in action during The Open Championship at the Carnoustie
(Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport)

In the 2007 Open at Carnoustie he was fined £500 for smashing a tee marker on the eighth hole following a poor shot. And in 2013 he snapped his driver in frustration on the final hole of the BMW Championship before damaging his locker. Stenson "apologised to the appropriate parties" and paid for the damage, according to his agent.

3. He's good for a quote

Sweden's Henrik Stenson
(Kenny Smith/PA)

Known for his dry sense of humour, Stenson was asked after the birth of his daughter Alice in October 2014 whether he and his wife Emma planned to have more children. The 40-year-old joked that he hadn't "done any official snip-snips as of now" before the assembled reporters burst out laughing. When his questioner insisted that wasn't what he asked, Stenson replied: "But that's what you wanted to know. You just didn't have the balls to ask."

4. He lost money in the Ponzi scheme

Allen Stanford
(David J Phillip/AP/PA)

Stenson lost millions of dollars in disgraced financier Allen Stanford's Ponzi scheme in 2009, just months before his previous biggest victory of his career to date in the Players Championship at Sawgrass. "I never met Allen Stanford and it's safe to say I won't be visiting him in prison," Stenson told Golf Digest in 2014. "If I did come face-to-face with him, what I might do to him could get me arrested also." In 2013, Stenson won USD11.4 million by winning the Tour Championship and overall FedEx Cup title in Atlanta.

5. He once played a shot in his undies

Stenson still gets reminded of the time he stripped down to his underwear to play a shot from the edge of a water hazard during a tournament at Doral in 2009. Although his remaining attire was not that of his clothing sponsors, they saw the funny side and sent packages of their underwear to other sponsored players with one of the pictures of Stenson and a reminder which read: "If you're caught in a similar situation, please wear the brand in the enclosed package."