Big Show challenges Shaquille O'Neal to fight at Wrestlemania 33 - and he accepts


It's only been a few months since Wrestlemania 32 but we're already licking our lips at the prospect of a Shaquille O'Neal v Big Show fight next April.

Shaq made an appearance at the last Wrestlemania, running into the ring to Desiigner's Panda and teaming up with the man he may be fighting at Wrestlemania 33, in order to chokeslam Kane during the Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal.

But ahead of the ESPY awards, which had a large WWE presence due to John Cena hosting the event, Big Show and Shaq came face-to-face on the red carpet.

First the WWE Twitter account teased what might have been said during the confrontation, which ended amicably.

And then they showed us what looks like the same scene, from a closer angle, where we can actually hear what's being said. Big Show challenges Shaq to a fight in the former Miami Heat player's home town, and Shaq accepts.

April 2 will be explosive.