Andy Murray v Serena Williams: How do our Wimbledon champions compare?


Serena Williams has said she prefers to be talked about as "one of the greatest athletes of all time", not "one of the greatest female athletes of all time".

Following the Wimbledon finals this weekend, commentators and spectators alike have fantasised over what a match between the two reigning champions, the two athletes, would look like.

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The serves of both players are stellar, with Andy Murray slightly ahead on average speed.

Murray's stamina too, could put him in front.

Andy Murray.
(Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP)

Despite Williams averaging more distance covered in her matches at 17m a minute, Murray covers more ground over a longer period of time in his matches.

It's not all down to technique though, and Williams flourishes where the Scotsman can falter under pressure.

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Williams won double the break points of Murray in her final, and put a staggering 13 aces past Angelique Kerber.

Throughout the career, the American's results have been astonishing, winning almost 80% of Championship finals she's played in.

Despite having had the longer career, she also averages more slam titles annually than Murray.

Serena Williams.
(Adam Davy/PA)

In her 17 years since winning her first Grand Slam, Williams has averaged 1.3 title victories a year. In Murray's eight years, his annual slam win averages at 0.3.

Perhaps Murray's force would give him a lead in a head-to-head battle. Maybe Williams's nerve and experience would help her clinch a win.

Either way, it's a match we'd love to see.