17 things that distracted us from the fact the football wasn't actually very good at Euro 2016


Look, let's be honest - this hasn't been the greatest ever European Championship in terms of the quality of football.

Luckily, though, there's been plenty going on off the pitch to keep us all amused when interest in the tournament itself dipped...

1. These incredible dominoes

Remember before the the group stage started, when we were all full of hope? These dominoes somehow embody that hope. And it therefore seems pretty apt they all get knocked over.

2. Joachim Low's scratch-and-sniff moment

The Germany coach took his hand, shoved it down his pants and then sniffed his fingers. He late apologised, blaming "adrenaline and concentration", but it was a real Low point.

3. This sleeping Welsh fan

Wales fan Gareth Tansey asleep in the stadium in Bordeaux
(Stephen Warr)

Wales fan Gareth Tansey had a bit too much to drink before getting to the stadium and slept through one of the greatest moments in his country's footballing history - when Gareth Bale struck against Slovakia to score their first ever European Championship goal. He also had his picture taken with Welsh rugby veteran Shane Williams - though he didn't know much about it.

4. Buffon's buffoonery

Buffon kept on catching the eye, not least by singing the Italian national anthem with crazed intensity. But his best moment was when he attempted a celebratory swing on the crossbar after the win over Belgium, only to fall off.

5. Rubbish stickers

Sian and Alex Pratchett have been sketching all 800 stickers from the Panini Euro 2016 album, despite a lack of artistic ability.

They're being sold off to raise money for charity. Who wouldn't want to own that?

6. This guy's emotional roller coaster

This chap was hella upset when England equalised against Wales - but he soon perked up when he realised the camera was on him, What a guy.

7. Jim McDonald

Former Coronation Street actor Charlie Lawson was providing his unique take on Northern Ireland's impressive run throughout the tournament. This is one of the non-sweary ones. If you want the slightly more colourful versions, check him out on Twitter.

8. Ivan Perisic's hair

Ivan Perisic during Croatia's match against Portugal
(Frank Augstein/AP)

We applaud his patriotism, but not his sense of style. If you think it's the worst haircut you've ever seen on a footballer, that's because no footballer has ever had a worse haircut. And that's saying something.

9. Roy Keane's trip

Ireland assistant coach Keane showed he still has a touch of devilment about him with this trip on goalkeeping coach Seamus McDonagh in training. Mind you, if that's the worst Keane has done to him, McDonagh can think himself pretty lucky.

10. This French TV wizardry

Come on, BBC and ITV, you're lagging behind. On French TV, they actually walk through the TV. Pretty sure we haven't seen Alan Shearer do that.

11. Walruses

The spoilsports at Uefa went for #RUSWAL as the official hashtag when Wales took on Russia rather than #WALRUS, but that didn't mean Twitter paid any attention. Cue endless pictures of marine mammals.

12. This dabbing hero

This kid dropped his official duties to have a go at dabbing during God Save The Queen before Northern Ireland took on Germany. Well played kid. We're doing our bit to prolong your 15 minutes of fame.

12. The Irish fans

A man wearing an Ireland shirt and a horse mask kicked a ball through an open window, and the internet went mad for it. While fans of certain other nations didn't cover themselves in glory on the streets of France, the Irish supporters were welcome wherever they went. Although possibly not by whoever was on the other side of that window.

13. Cristiano Ronadlo's mic-throwing tantrum

While his Real Madrid team-mate Gareth Bale was charming everyone in the media he met, Ronaldo was busy throwing a reporter's microphone in a lake. Apparently he and the reporter in question have previous - but it still didn't look great. Well, actually, it looked hilarious.

14. Tyson Fury's Jagerbombs

He might have a few unfortunate views, but nobody could accuse Tyson Fury of a lack of generosity. The boxer turned up in France ahead of England's last-16 clash with Iceland and bought 200 Jagerbombs for fans. He may not have been in quite such a generous mood after the match finished.

15. The wrong Joe Hart

Spare a thought for comedian Joe Hart, who was showered with abuse after his namesake the England goalkeeper's gaffe saw England knocked out of the tournament.

16. Jerome Boateng's ludicrous handball

Germany defender Boateng got himself into a ridiculous - but very graceful - position to give away a penalty against Italy. It was a great moment for the good people of the internet, who immediately got to work with Photoshop.

17. Iceland's 'Viking war chant'

After the Iceland fans' so-called Viking war chant took over the tournament, we're bracing ourselves for imitations in the Premier League next season. That's fair enough really - the Icelanders stole it off Motherwell fans in the first place.