Barcelona's horribly misjudged #WeAreAllLeoMessi campaign has made a lot of people angry


We've seen many well-meaning Twitter campaigns over the years, but perhaps none have been so spectacularly misjudged as Barcelona's attempts to support Lionel Messi.

The striker was sentenced on Wednesday to 21 months in jail after a Barcelona court found him and his father Jorge guilty of three counts of defrauding the tax department to the tune of 4.1 million euro (£3.5 million).

He's not expected to actually serve any jail time - and both intend to appeal - but nonetheless Barca clearly feel the 29-year-old, worth a reported 200 million euro, is in need of all our support.

No doubt Barca were expecting lots of tweets like this one.

But if they were, they've clearly never been on Twitter before.

And this wasn't just the usual mickey-taking you expect on social media - people were angry about it. Really angry.

Some even wondered whether it might do him more harm than good.

But of course, there were plenty of lolz too.

Sorry Leo. You're on your own with this one.