Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg wanted to 'kill' each other at height of rivalry


Lewis Hamilton has admitted his rivalry with title rival Nico Rosberg became so intense that they wanted to "kill" each other.

The Mercedes team-mates head into the British Grand Prix with the spotlight on their relationship after last week's last-lap crash that helped Hamilton claim a win that closed the gap behind Rosberg to 11 points in the title race.

The Spielberg collision was the fifth coming together between the pair, and the third in five races. In May, they crashed out on the first lap at the Spanish Grand Prix. Last month they banged wheels at turn one in Canada.

But Hamilton, fastest in both practice sessions at Silverstone on Friday, said: "Honestly up until the last race, even with Barcelona, it is the best place I have been with Nico because we talk about things. We don't walk away. We get in a room, and even if we don't like it we say what our issue is and we deal with it.

"We've never had that before. Before he wanted to kill me and I wanted to kill him. That's why I say we now are in the best place. It's not that we are best friends. We will have our ups and downs, and the last race was definitely our down. But it's just important as men we take responsibilities for our actions."