Euro 2016: Only 298 TV viewers in Iceland weren't watching the win over England


If you want to know just how much Iceland's run to the Euro 2016 quarter-final's captured the imagination of the nation, this statistic should do the job.

As revealed by Uefa at its end-of-tournament debrief in Paris - ahead of the final on Sunday, as Iceland took on England in the last 16, the match had a 99.8% share of the TV audience in the country.

Yes, that means only 298 people were watching something else on TV during the nation's biggest ever international win as they humiliated England 2-1.

As for what those 298 people were watching, well, that remains a mystery.

Ironically, by the end of the game, only 298 people in England were still watching.

That's not an official Uefa stat, but it feels about right.