'I am just surviving' - Bartoli reveals life-threatening virus horror


Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli has revealed that she fears for her life after contracting a mystery virus.

Bartoli - champion at the All England Club in 2013 - was barred from playing an invitational event at SW19 this year after dramatic weight loss.

The Frenchwoman has now revealed that an illness she suspects was contracted while flying between Australia, the United States and India last year has left her only able to eat organic salad leaves.

"My body started refusing more and more things - anything from food to electrical items," Bartoli told ITV program This Morning. 

"I can't type on my phone without gloves, I can't wear my jewellery as I get a bad skin reaction.

"I can't even have a tissue on my face as my body reacts, it is absolutely horrendous. My life is nightmare right now, I wouldn't wish what I am going through on anyone.

"It has been gradually going down, it's at the worst point right now.

"For example, I even need to wash with mineral water. I can't use tap water. I can't be in contact with any tap water whatsoever."

Bartoli claimed she opted to disclose details of her illness - which has baffled doctors - to fend off suggestions that she was suffering from an eating disorder.

The 31-year-old is set to begin treatment next week, which has been paid for by British billionaire Richard Branson - who Bartoli described as her "second father".